Valencia Photo of the Month: Casa Calabuig, Avinguda del Port

Valencia is full of gems, some well-known, some kept a pretty little secret. This week is Casa Calabuig, (Avinguda del Port) Avenida del Puerto 336. This beauty has been standing on the busy end of the main road to the port for well over almost the port area and was lucky not to suffer much damage during the civil war. While the area around the building has changed dramatically, such as the demise of the Gran Hotel del Puerto (destroyed after the war), the Santa Maria del Mar church across the street is still also intact after post-war restoration. The port road was renamed Avenida de Lenin during the Second Spanish Republic of 1936-39, shown in some of the below photos.

Photos of Avenida del Puerto by Caroline Angus Baker and courtesy of Elena Casals and Juan Antonio Soler Aces

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