RE-RELEASE: Intense Professional Countess now also available in hardback

As the 19th century writes its final chapters, change cannot come to Spain fast enough. Gaudí’s architecture, Sorolla’s paintings, Ramon y Cayal’s scientific breakthroughs, and Blasco Ibáñez’s writings are matched with illness epidemics, poverty, inequality, and conservative landowners still reigning supreme.

In Valencia, Mireya de Centelles y Aragon, the sixth Countess de Valencia, holds a Happy New Year 1885 ball at her husband’s palace, to raise funds for earthquake victims in Spain’s south. But Mireya is unlike the other women of the Spanish nobility; the daughter of a Spanish duke and a French princess, she is a botany student at Valencia University, the only woman in her field. When Mireya meets an architect, Tiago Ríbera Herestoza, who is new to the city after studying in London, an idea is born.

Mireya married off at 15 to a nobleman twice her age, and Tiago, a middle-class man of esteemed education, have more in common than imagined. Both have a treasury of secrets and dreams that clash with their position within the class system. With Tiago’s London life threatening his future, and pressure on Mireya to produce the next generation of noble-blooded Valencians, the pair embark on an intense professional relationship. But one glass of tainted champagne will threaten Mireya’s 400-year-old noble family line forever…


Initially released as Intense Professional Marquesa in 2016, Mireya de Centelles is back under a new title, new cover, and an all-new edit for 2021. A romance story set in 19th century Valencia, this is a standalone short story from others in my Spanish political series’.


Click here to download – Caroline Angus on Amazon US, Caroline Angus on Amazon UK (or on local Amazon of your choice)

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