Part 4: Vengeance in the Valencian Water: Photo Tour

Sit back and take in many scenes featured in the upcoming novel Vengeance in the Valencian Water, out January 24. Since the book is brand new, I can’t go into detail about what will happen in each scene featured here (no spoilers allowed), but it gives readers a chance to see just what the areas in Valencia and Madrid look like. Enjoy!

(Spanish spellings have been used, rather than Valencian, for street names. Because Valencian was banned under Franco, the book uses Spanish names for consistency, unless otherwise stated)


Valencia – Plaza del temple 50’s, and Plaza Poete Llorante 2013, side by side locations and major book scenes in 1957


Valencia – Town Hall building Plaza Ayuntamiento 2013, and (same place) Plaza del Caudillo 1957, including snow in the winter. The location featured heavily in the 1957 story


Old town Valencia new and old, all major book scenes in both 1957 and 2010


Valencia – Arts and Sciences area where Luna Montgomery lives,  1950’s and today

Calle Reloj Viejo
Calle Reloj Viejo

Calle de Reloj Viejo/ Carrer del Rellotge Vell, where José lives in 1957


Bullrings in both Madrid and Valencia, scenes of fights by Cayetano Beltrán in 2010


Valencia beaches 1957 and 2010


Calle Pechina, site of the old prison (featured in 1957 storyline)


Scenes from Madrid frequented by Luna Montgomery


Valencia bridges and riverbed, all featured heavily in both 1957 and 2010 storylines


Valencia March celebrations during Las Fallas


Cuenca cathedral, home to another huge scene, the same as in Blood in the Valencian Soil

Part 5 of the Vengeance in the Valencian Water series will be on January 24, the same day as the book release. The post will feature the whole first chapter, which is set in 1957 and can be read for free. Also, Blood in the Valencian Soil will be free on Amazon for three days only, to coincide with the release of Vengeance in the Valencian Water, so you can grab both book in the series to enjoy.

Click here for Part 1Part 2 and Part 3, featuring all the replies to the recent Q+A session.

All present day photos are author’s own, and 1957 photos are courtesy of Juan Antonio Soler Aces 

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