SPAIN BOOK REVIEW: ‘Moving to Spain with Children’ by Lisa Sadleir

Ilustracion Portada Moving to Spain whith Children

Don’t even think of Moving to Spain with Children without reading this essential self-help manual. Compiled by a successful British working Mum who has experienced the relocation roller-coaster for you, the highs, lows and occasional shrieks of panic, it could save you months of hassle and heartache. Chapters cover: Timing your Move; Choosing the Best Location; Property Purchase; Schooling; Paperwork; Learning Spanish; Healthcare; Bringing Pets to Spain; Starting a Business… …And other considerations crucial to ensuring a smooth transition to your new lifestyle. With information that’s bang up-to-date, Lisa “tells it like it is”. Spiced with the author’s own heart-warming anecdotes, you’ll arrive at the same place her own family is now – but in half the time: Living and loving family life in Spain! If you have ever wished for the gift of hindsight, “Moving to Spain with Children” is just that: a gift of a book!

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Moving to Spain with Children is the latest offering from Lisa Sadleir, a long-time successful expat based in Mijas, Malaga, in southern Spain. Sadleir has a hugely popular website, to help people make the move to Spain, which can be a magnificent experience, or epic disaster, dependent on many factors. Sadleir is also an independent relocation adviser and personal property finder at

Thanks to Sadleir, this book can solve any problem which may arise when moving your children to Spain. This extremely comprehensive book covers everything, from the essentials, choosing your location and time of year in which to move (a classic error for many), how to cope with the language and cultural barrier, to the most important aspect for parents, the education of their children. The education section alone is stand-out, covering all ages and needs, with real-life experience from parents and children.

Another huge consideration, healthcare, is fully explored, with options to suit the needs and budgets of all families through the country. The NIE process, Número de Identificación de Extranjero (basically a foreigners pass) can be fraught with trouble. The book covers the process for EU members, though many steps are also relevant to non-EU members, provided you have completed your paperwork at the Spanish embassy in your own country first. The process of registering on the Padrón, having yourself registered with the town hall, is included and essential. Dependent on your home nation, your circumstances and even the mood of the staff member you encounter, gaining NIE or residency can be a real mixed bag, so having this information laid out could be a huge help for many. When I first moved to Spain, I managed to gain an NIE through a bit of a backhand deal, simplifying the process, but even then I had to jump through fiery hoops at the embassy. There is no such thing as being over-prepared.

The never-ending trials and tribulations of purchasing a property and starting a business in Spain is fully covered, along with more personal experiences and examples to help you, along with (finger crossed) simpler matters such as money and banking considerations. Another section is extensively devoted to bringing your pet to Spain (something I’ve never even thought about), for those furrier family members. The book finishes with things to consider when leaving home and a reminder not to burn your bridges before you leave. Moving to Spain is an incredible experience, but the move can be difficult. I have seen plenty of people fail at the experiment, right down to a husband at the airport, begging his wife not to leave their new life behind.

This book would appeal to anyone moving to Spain, even if there are no children to consider, with practical and realistic advice. But when moving your children, so many issues need to be well planned, and I wish this book had existed when I first embarked on life in Spain. Finally, solid advice all in one place, from someone who has succeeded at Spanish life. Just take a look at Sadleir’s website and Facebook page to see success on a fantastic level!

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