Just because it’s Christmas, I have made sure all my Kindle novels are available for free to download for the next five days. Starting on Thursday 22 December 08:00am GMT (midnight PST / 21:00 NZT) until Tuesday 27 December 08:00 GMT (midnight PST / 21:00 NZT), all the novels in my Thomas Cromwell Queenmaker series, the Secrets of Spain series, and the Canna Medici series are free to download onto any device that has the free Kindle app installed. They can also be sent as gifts to other people’s devices following Amazon’s instructions, all for free.

The Thomas Cromwell series, featuring Frailty of Human Affairs, Shaking the Throne, and No Armour Against Fate, is set in 1529-1540, as Thomas Cromwell and his assistant Nicóla Frescobaldi attempt to destroy the Catholic Chruch in England and create a series of new queens for King Henry VIII. While fiction, the books follow the real-life events of London and the actions of Thomas Cromwell throughout the incredibly dangerous and turbulent 1530s. The books are largely historically accurate, based on the research for The Private Life of Thomas Cromwell and The Letters and Remembrances of Thomas Cromwell. Click on the Thomas Cromwell Trilogy link above to see the details for each book. (note – occasional historical violence)

The Secrets of Spain series is a three-book series based on the lives of Luna Montgomery and Cayetano Beltrán Morales, who come together in what should have been a love story and instead unravel a series of gruesome and heartbreaking events intertwining their families during the Spanish Civil War and resulting Franco dictatorship. All three books are dual timelines, all books featuring Luna and Cayetano in the 21st century, and their relatives struggling to survive the Spanish Civil War in 1939 in Blood in the Valencian Soil, the great Valencian flood, and baby kidnappings of 1957 in Vengeance in the Valencian Water, and Spain’s dramatic turning point as Francisco Franco dies in 1975, in Death in the Valencian Dust. All three books are works of fiction based on real interviews conducted between 2007 – 2013. Click on the Secrets of Spain Trilogy link above for more info. (note – war, sexual themes, violence, bullfighting, language)

The Canna Medici series is a four-part contemporary fiction series about a woman struggling to overcome an abusive mafia marriage and a drug addiction, by hiding among a group of opera singers. This series is different from the others in that, rather than following strict historical timelines, is a more typical psychological thriller about a group of people all with something to hide, all pushed into behaviors they don’t understand. Night Wants to Forget, Violent Daylight, and Luminous Colours of Dusk follow Canna Medici’s descent into madness and then redemption, while Cries of Midnight is a prequel to the series, showing the violent inner thoughts of Canna prior to running away from Italy. See the Canna Medici series link above for more detail on each book. (note – graphic violence, rape, self-harm, sexual themes, suicide, drug use, language)

There is no limit to the number of books downloaded per person, so go ahead! The links go directly to all books written by me currently available, so pick and choose which you would like to download for Christmas. All Amazon sites worldwide have the special, so go to your local Amazon site, or choose Amazon US for international downloads.

Click here for Amazon US

Click here for Amazon UK

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